Plaid Cymru promises 50,000 homes and £10 an hour carer wage

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Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price will address his party's digital conference on Friday evening

The first 100 days of a Plaid Cymru government would be more radical than the past 20 years of devolution, party leader Adam Price will promise later.

The party says it would build 50,000 homes in five years, give carers a £10 minimum wage and cut council tax.

Mr Price will tell Plaid's digital conference his party would "lay the foundations of permanent change".

Plaid Cymru would need to win power after next year's Senedd election to put the plans into practice.

In a speech to be given on social media on Friday evening, Mr Price is expected to say the first 100 days of a Plaid Cymru government "will be more radical than the previous 20 years - caring, building and believing in a good life for everyone and a better life for you and your family".

Plaid says it would cut hundreds of pounds off the bill for the average family by reforming council tax.

Mr Price will promise the "biggest public housing programme since the 1970s", building 10,000 homes a year, including 30,000 social homes, 15,000 "affordable purchase homes", and 5,000 "affordable rental homes".

Plaid has pledged universal childcare for every child from the age of one, and a Welsh child payment for every child who needs it.

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Plaid Cymru says it would build 30,000 social homes

Mr Price says that as first minister he would introduce "parity between the pay scales in the care and healthcare sectors and give NHS workers the decent pay rise for which they are currently campaigning".

"We'll bring care back where it belongs, a public service, publicly funded, paying decent wages - a minimum of £10 an hour - in the public sector.

"And as part of a National Health and Care Service, social care, like healthcare, will be free to all who need it."

"We want to stand on our own two feet, independent, free and equal with other nations across the world," Mr Price will tell the conference.

"But in becoming an equal nation we have our eyes on a higher goal: of becoming ourselves a nation of equals."

He will add: "Managing child poverty, homelessness and pollution simply won't do. We have to eradicate them in the same way we are trying to eliminate this virus."

When asked about costings, the party said it would provide further detail later on Friday.

Plaid is holding its autumn conference online in common with other parties, and following the Covid-19 restrictions on public gatherings.

The party came second at the last 2016 election, winning 12 of the 60 seats in Cardiff Bay, although it currently has 10 after Dafydd Elis Thomas quit the party and Neil McEvoy was expelled.

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