Welsh Parliament election 2021: North Wales regional candidates

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North Wales regional candidates for Welsh Parliament election

Find out who's standing as a regional list candidate in the Welsh Parliament elections in North Wales using the list below.

Or use the postcode search box to find out who's standing in your constituency seat.

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Note: This lookup covers national elections in Scotland and Wales, the Hartlepool by-election, as well as council and mayoral elections in England and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections in England and Wales. There may be parish council elections or council by-elections where you are. Check your local council website for full details. Last updated: May 11, 2021, 12:35 GMT

Abolish the Assembly Party

  1. Richard Anthony Suchorzewski
  2. Jonathon Andrew Harrington
  3. William Paul Ashton
  4. Craig Search
  5. Euan Joseph McGivern
  6. Nicholas Williams

Britain's Communist Party

  1. Trevor Arnold Jones
  2. Jayne Evans
  3. David Morgan
  4. Glyn Davies

Freedom Alliance

  1. Simon Gruffydd Foster
  2. Peter Martyn Jones
  3. Miriam Anne Finch
  4. Mark John Finch


  1. Phil Roberts
  2. Aled Gwyn Job
  3. Rhydian Hughes
  4. Aaron Norton
  5. Anthony Williams
  6. David Smith


  1. Michelle Margaret Freda Brown

Plaid Cymru

  1. Llyr Huws Gruffydd
  2. Carrie Harper
  3. Elin Haf Walker Jones
  4. Paul John Rowlinson
  5. Catrin Wager
  6. Aaron Wynne
  7. Jack Morris
  8. Glenn Swingler
  9. Trystan Lewis


  1. Jacqui Hurst
  2. Robert Redhead
  3. Nia Lloyd Marshall
  4. Alan David Ennis

Reform UK

  1. Nathan Lee Gill
  2. Peter Christopher Dain
  3. Nancy Clare Eno
  4. Charles William Henry Dodman
  5. Emmett William Jenner


  1. Felix Franc Aubel
  2. Jeanie Bassford-Barton
  3. Mary Elizabeth Davies
  4. Jeanette Stefani Bassford-Barton
  5. Sebastian Ross

Wales Green Party

  1. Iolo Kars Jones
  2. Duncan Rees
  3. Adam William John Turner
  4. Linda Clare Rogers

Welsh Conservatives

  1. Mark Isherwood
  2. Sam Rowlands
  3. Barbara Hughes
  4. Gareth Davies
  5. Abigail Mainon
  6. Jeremy Richard Kent
  7. Gonul Daniels
  8. Lyn Hudson
  9. Anthony Thomas

Welsh Labour

  1. Carolyn Ann Thomas
  2. Andrew Graeme Short
  3. Diane Cheryl Green
  4. Ryan O'Gorman

Welsh Liberal Democrats

  1. Christopher Charles Twells
  2. David James Compton Wilkins
  3. Timothy John Sly
  4. Calum Dafydd Davies
  5. Andrew John Parkhurst

Welsh Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

  1. Michelle Andrea Francis