Welsh Parliament election 2021: South Wales East regional candidates

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South Wales East regional candidates for Welsh Parliament election

Find out who's standing as a regional list candidate in the Welsh Parliament elections in South Wales East using the list below.

Or use the postcode search box to find out who's standing in your constituency seat.

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Note: This lookup covers national elections in Scotland and Wales, the Hartlepool by-election, as well as council and mayoral elections in England and Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections in England and Wales. There may be parish council elections or council by-elections where you are. Check your local council website for full details. Last updated: May 11, 2021, 12:35 GMT

Abolish the Assembly Party

  1. Mark John Reckless
  2. Richard Taylor
  3. Stephen John Jones
  4. Michael John Ford
  5. Robert John George Steed
  6. Hugh Moelwyn Hughes

Britain's Communist Party

  1. Rob Griffiths
  2. Bob Davenport
  3. Glenn Stephen Eynon
  4. Irene Green


  1. Calen Jones
  2. Laurence Williams
  3. Ryan Thomas Williams
  4. Terry Beverton

No More Lockdowns

  1. Gruff Meredith
  2. Mattie Ginsberg

Plaid Cymru

  1. Delyth Non Jewell
  2. Peredur Owen Griffiths
  3. Lindsay Geoffrey Whittle
  4. Rhys Mills
  5. Jonathan Thomas Clark
  6. Ian Gwynne
  7. Daniel Tudor Llewelyn


  1. Kieran James Gething
  2. Anthony Nash
  3. Celia Jones
  4. Kristopher Ashley

Reform UK

  1. James Freeman Wells
  2. Kirsty Rebecca Walmsley
  3. David John Rowlands
  4. Colin David Jones
  5. Robert Charles Beavis


  1. Mostyn Neil Hamilton
  2. Benjamin Lee Walker
  3. Thomas George Harrison
  4. Robert Norman James

Wales Green Party

  1. Amelia Helen Womack
  2. Ian Roy Chandler
  3. Lauren James
  4. Stephen James Priestnall

Welsh Conservatives

  1. Laura Anne Jones
  2. Natasha Asghar
  3. Matthew Robert Hatton Evans
  4. Nick Evans
  5. Gavin Chambers
  6. Edward Dawson
  7. Donna Gavin
  8. Gareth Rhys Hughes

Welsh Labour

  1. Helen Ursula Cunningham
  2. Peter Richard Jones
  3. Mary Ann Shelley Brocklesby
  4. Majid Rahman

Welsh Liberal Democrats

  1. Jo Watkins
  2. Veronica Kathleen German
  3. Oliver Benedict Townsend
  4. Jeremy Jefferson Becker

Welsh Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

  1. Mariam Victoria Kamish
  2. Cammilla Sharon Mngaza
  3. Melanie Benedict
  4. Dave Reid