Apology for Cardiff family stranded by park and ride

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After waiting an hour the Colleys had to catch another bus service home

A council has apologised after its park and ride bus service left a family-of-three stranded in a city centre.

Edward and Natalie Colley and baby daughter Kaylina arrived 10 minutes early for the last bus from Cardiff's Queen Street to Cardiff east car park.

But the 1900 BST bus filled up and left, leaving the Colleys among 40 people waiting an hour for another bus which never came.

Cardiff council said it apologised to anyone unable to get back to their car.

Mr Colley, a chartered accountant who lives in Pentwyn, Cardiff, said he and his wife and 16-month-old daughter had been shopping for the afternoon on Saturday 9 October.

"We arrived at the Queen Street bus stop at 18.50 and there was quite a long queue so I said to my wife that they'd never get us all on just one bus," he said.

"The bus came, filled up and drove off, and the consensus among the 40 people left waiting was that they wouldn't abandon us. But they did. We were left there.

"If the driver of the last bus had said there wouldn't be another coming that would have been something. We wouldn't have waited for another hour. But they said nothing"

The Colleys eventually took another bus service home and Mr Colley had to go and retrieve his car from the car park the following day.

"I was told then that none of the drivers had wanted to come back and get us," he said. "It seems that the attitude was that their shift was over. Not the best attitude in my opinion.

"We were quite irked. It was windy waiting there, not the best situation for us with a young baby. It can make you lose conficence in the park and ride service."

Mr Colley said he has lodged a complaint with Cardiff council which operates the service.


In a statement the council said it had been aware of the high volume of people using the Cardiff East park & ride service on the Saturday in question, which coincided with the Monster Jam event at the Millennium Stadium.

The council said the event "impacted the ability of the service to provide transport for shoppers using the buses between 1800 and 1900.

"We have never experienced issues with the service like this before and apologise to anyone who was unable to get back to their car at the Cardiff East car park at the time," said the council.

"In light of this regrettable incident the council will review operations and work closely with the bus service providers to make changes at Cardiff East park and ride."

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