Newport woman jailed for dog attack on hospital staff

Image caption, The attack happened outside Newport's Royal Gwent Hospital

A woman has been jailed for ordering her dog to attack two security guards outside a hospital casualty unit.

Chantelle Bennett, 29, set her bull terrier called Socks on the men at Newport's Royal Gwent Hospital after she was escorted from the building.

Cardiff Crown Court heard she also attacked a police officer.

She was jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of owning a dangerous dog, unlawful wounding and assaulting a police officer.

Prosecutor James Wilson said Bennett, from the city, went to the hospital with a friend who was injured on a night out.

She was escorted out of the accident and emergency department by security guards William Walmsley and Gamel Abdullah after she became aggressive.

Mr Wilson said: "The security guards lifted her under her arms and took her outside.

"But in the car park Bennett shouted "get them" at the dog.

"The bull terrier started jumping up and biting Mr Walmsley and Bennett swung the dog's chain at the him hitting his head."

Mr Walmsley, 30, suffered bite wounds to his arms, hands and legs and a gash to the head caused by the lead.

Mr Wilson said Bennett then assaulted a police officer who stepped in to rescue the security officers.

As well as being jailed Bennett was banned from keeping a dog for five years and a judge ordered that the dog should be destroyed.