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Porthkerry Caravan Park landslip: Owner monitoring call

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Media captionSally Edwards said the cliff fall has shaved £250,000 of the value of the caravan park

The owner of a park where a landslip left 15 caravans teetering on the edge of a cliff says the coastline should be monitored more closely for erosion.

Sally Edwards of Porthkerry Caravan Park said the fall took £250,000 off the value of the business.

She has spent £1m monitoring and making the site safe since the 2011 incident.

Vale of Glamorgan council admits it cannot predict the likelihood of rockfalls.

It says it regularly inspects this coastline but the falls occur naturally.

On the night of 31 October 2011, a sudden landfall caused a huge section of this cliff to break away at the site near Barry, throwing 34,000 tonnes of rock onto the beach below and leaving 15 caravans teetering on the edge.

Repairing damage

Ms Edwards said although it was consolation that no-one was injured in the landslip it has had a knock-on effect for her business.

"We'd actually had a value of the business a couple of months before we lost the cliff edge," she said.

"We had the same valuer back after the cliff collapse and we'd actually been devalued by a quarter of a million - straight off the bat."

The last year has been spent repairing the damage and making sure this site is safe.

Mrs Edwards said the £1m cost includes hiring a private company to monitor the coastline and assess the risk of any further landslides.

But she said she knows there is only so much she can do.

"When you're on the coastline you're aware of erosion. But you've got that buffer of a large expanse of land and you expect bits to chop off with the weather and the elements, and the cold and the hot, but you don't expect that.

"And I don't know if anybody can give you that sort of heads up. I just don't know if it's possible."

The Vale of Glamorgan council says it regularly inspects this coastline but it admits it cannot predict the livelihood of rockfalls as that is something that occurs naturally.

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