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Caribbean killing woman Nicole Reyes home in Cardiff on bail

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Media captionNicole Reyes says the death of her husband in a crash was an accident

A Cardiff woman jailed for 12 years in the Dominican Republic for killing her husband is back home after her family raised £62,000 bail money.

Nicole Reyes, 39, was sentenced in February over the death of Jorge Quintanilla Reyes, 38, in a road collision in July 2012.

Her trial heard he was knocked off his motorbike by Reyes, but she has always maintained it was an accident.

The Foreign Office said she had been released pending a further appeal.

The mother of two had previously appealed against her conviction of voluntary manslaughter but her conviction was upheld by the court of appeal earlier this year.

However her lawyer had said he was working on an appeal to the supreme court and her family was told she could still be freed on bail for a sum of £62,000.

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Media captionStephen Doughty MP told BBC Wales' Oliver Hides the legal system had at times been farcical

They have raised the money and she was let out of prison last week.

She is still on bail but after flying home on Saturday her family said they hoped it was the end of a "hellish nightmare".

Her mother Jeanette Clements, 62, said: "We scraped bail money together from wherever we could - we borrowed from family and sold our furniture.

"Nothing mattered as much as getting Nicole home.

'Tears of relief'

"When we had the £62,000 we handed it over and waited. It was all in the hands of our lawyer and that was so hard.

"We waited for news and then finally heard that Nicole was free."

Her mother said she did not have to hand over her passport.

"After a long and hard battle to get her home my mind is struggling to keep up," said Ms Clements.

"She's stood in front of me but I can hardly believe my eyes."

Reyes moved to the Caribbean in 2004, with her two children, and her mother and father.

It was there that she met and married the former coconut seller, and found work as a rep with a holiday travel company.

Her parents and children moved back to Wales in 2007 but Reyes stayed on the island with her husband.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "We are aware that a British national has been released from prison in the Dominican Republic pending a further appeal. We continue to provide consular assistance."

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Image caption Nicole Reyes says the death of her husband in a crash was an accident

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