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Noah Tyler's midwife found guilty of misconduct

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Media captionNoah Tyler was starved of oxygen during his birth and died at 10 months

A midwife who oversaw the birth of a baby who died 10 months later has been found guilty of misconduct by a medical disciplinary panel.

Julie Richards treated both baby Noah Tyler and his mother Colleen, from Caerphilly, in 2011 at Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales.

But Noah suffered irreversible brain damage after the midwife failed to notice a high heart rate.

The Nursery and Midwifery Council said her fitness to practise was impaired.

The panel was considering three cases against the midwife, including that of Noah Tyler and his mother, who was named as Patient C during the hearing in Cardiff.

In a second case she was found not to have recognised the significance of raised blood pressure in another patient and did not maintain records.

And in a third case she was found not to have followed correct guidelines when booking a mother-to-be in for an induced labour.

The panel found all three charges against her proved.

Its chair, Richard Davies, said Ms Richards posed a "real and continuing risk" to the public.

He said her care fell "very consistently below the standards expected of a registered midwife".

The panel also found that a number of Ms Richards' acts and omissions breached medical codes and practices, including treating patients with kindness, sharing information with patients and gaining patient consent before treatment.

An inquest into the death of Noah last year found that both the child and his mother had suffered a "gross failure to provide basic medical attention" which contributed to his death.

The Cardiff and Vale University Health Board publically apologised to Noah's parents and said it had reviewed its procedures as a result of the case.

'Still angry'

Speaking after the hearing, Noah's parents said they remained angry and disappointed.

Image caption Midwife Julie Richards has been found guilty of three cases of misconduct

"I'm just astounded by the number of paragraphs from the code of conduct that the chairman read out that she didn't adhere to," said Noah's father, Hywel.

"Because of her incompetence and misconduct we've lost our little boy, and it has made me absolutely wild."

Since losing Noah, the couple have had another child, Joseph.

Noah's mother Colleen added: "The decision that they gave is a good one, it's the one that should have been handed down.

"But it just highlights the fact that our baby isn't here. We've got Joseph and we are very thankful for him, and Noah is still our son, but Joseph should be growing up with his big brother beside him."

Ms Richards is currently suspended from working as a midwife.

The disciplinary panel will meet again on 2 August when it is likely to discuss whether she should now be struck off the register of midwives and permanently barred from the profession.

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