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Family 'traumatised' after dog kills pet in back garden

Jasmine the dog Image copyright Rachel Bartlett
Image caption Jasmine died of crush wounds

A family say they have been left traumatised after their pet chihuahua was killed by another dog in their back garden.

Rachel Bartlett claims a Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog jumped over her 4ft (1.2m) high fence in Merthyr Vale and attacked her two dogs, killing one.

The animal violently shook the pet in its mouth and she feared it would turn on her son Harley, three.

The brindle-coloured dog eventually ran off when it was chased with a broom.

Mrs Bartlett's husband Craig was in the garden with Harley on Friday evening when the dog leapt over the fence and attacked her dog Pikachu, before moving onto 7-month-old Jasmine.

She said the dog later began to attack her husband when he tried to drive it away with a broom.

Pikachu was unharmed, but a vet confirmed Jasmine died of crush wounds.

Image copyright Rachel Bartlett
Image caption Mrs Bartlett said her son Harley was left traumatised by the attack on his pet

"It was terrible. He [Harley] was crying - I was hysterical.

"She [Jasmine] did not stand a chance. That could have been one of my kids. You don't expect it to happen in your own back garden."

Mrs Bartlett said her son had been left traumatised by the attack and now refuses to go into garden.

The family has reported the matter to South Wales Police who said that, as no-one was injured, no offences had been committed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

But a police spokesperson said they have advised the family a complaint can be laid in a civil application at a magistrates court under the Dogs Act 1871, and the court can impose conditions on the future control of the dog.

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