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Bedwas Co-op has Scottish Gaelic signs instead of Welsh

Incorrect Welsh sign at Bedwas Co-operative Image copyright Jonathan Ford
Image caption 'Biadh' means food in Scottish Gaelic and 'pheatan' could be an attempt to translate 'peata,' meaning pet - the sign should read 'bwyd anifeiliaid anwes' in Welsh

Shoppers in Caerphilly county have been left baffled after a store installed new Welsh signs which instead feature Scottish Gaelic words.

Welsh language tutor Jonathan Ford spotted the signs at the Bedwas Co-operative after its £360,000 refit.

He said the mistake made him laugh but thought some Welsh speakers would not be amused.

The company said it has been made aware the signs are incorrect and they will be replaced as soon as possible.

Image copyright Jonathan Ford
Image caption Of course, there's no Welsh translation for the French word 'quiche' - but pies should read 'pastai'. 'Is' means 'and' in Scottish Gaelic

There is no Welsh word for quiche

Mr Ford, who teaches adult evening classes in Welsh at Ystrad Mynach College, returned from holiday to find his local store had been revamped and new signs had been put up.

He said: "They cracked me up. It [the store] has had a refit while I was away and I couldn't find where anything was.

"I am looking at all the signs and I thought 'that doesn't look right' and I got to the next one and thought 'that's not right'.

"After a while I twigged that it must be something like Scottish or Irish Gaelic.

"I spoke to the people working and asked who did their signs and nobody had noticed, which is probably even worse than getting it wrong.

"It thought it was funny but some people will get cross."

Some of the signs translate directly into Gaelic, while others do not have direct translations.

A Co-operative spokesman said: "We have been made aware that, unfortunately, a small number of the signs inside the store are incorrect.

"We will remove these signs and replace them as soon as possible and we would like to thank the customer for pointing this out."

Supermarkets in Wales are not obliged by law to have bilingual signs.

Image copyright Jonathan Ford
Image caption 'Irisean' is magazines in Scottish Gaelic, in Welsh it is 'cylchgronau'

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