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Hundreds of tube spiders invade Cardiff family's garden

Spider Image copyright Wales news service
Image caption The tube spiders fangs show up green under a direct light

Hundreds of green-fanged tube web spiders have taken over the back garden of a family home in Cardiff.

Haydn Harwood, 33, says the black spiders are in "every nook and cranny" of the outside walls of his house and garage in Llanedeyrn.

He said his wife, Kayleigh, and any family members who visit are afraid of venturing into the garden.

Tube spiders are one of the UK's largest, with bodies up 2.2cm (0.9in), with green iridescence on their jaws.

Mr Harwood first spotted the colony at his end-of-terrace home a year ago.

He said: "They are nocturnal creatures so I hadn't seen them until one night when I was outside having a cigarette because I am not allowed to smoke in the house.

"I saw something move, went in and got a flashlight and saw them all in the cracks of the walls. They were in the eaves, all along the back wall, down the side of the house and under the kitchen window.

"It is a bit of worry for our pets.

"We have two cats and a Chihuahua and it would be terrible if they got bitten by them.

Tube web spiders - Segestria florentina

  • Large iridescent green jaws
  • Six eyes
  • Lives in old walls
  • Hunts nocturnal insects
  • Makes long silken tube

He asked a friend for help to exterminate them but within three months the colony had returned.

Mr Harwood said he has asked Cardiff council for help.

Experts say the spiders originated in the Mediterranean and north Africa and made their way to Britain on cargo ships.

They believe the spiders are now able survive and spread because of the UK's increasingly mild climate.

Image copyright Wales News Service
Image copyright Wales News Service

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