South East Wales

3,500 bus lane fines issued to Cardiff drivers

Cardiff bus and van at yellow box junction in the city centre
Image caption The penalty scheme will also focus on yellow box junctions as well as improper use of bus lanes

More than 3,500 fines have been issued in a single month for drivers using bus lanes in Cardiff.

Cardiff council handed out a total of 3,544 penalty notices during December 2014 - the first month the scheme was introduced.

A total of £12,950 has already been paid to the authority after 370 offenders paid the £35 charge.

Although drivers can appeal the fine, the council warned it can double to £70 if it is not paid within 21 days.

While the penalty scheme has focussed primarily on bus lanes, the council said it will also expand to yellow box junctions on the main routes in and out of the city centre.

It will also focus on illegal parking around schools.

A Cardiff council spokesman said: "The message is simple: if you don't want to be fined, don't breach the Highway Code."

The money will pay for the running of the project and other traffic related schemes.

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