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Father 'melted inside' after seeing son in road after coach fall

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Media captionThe boy's father said his son was trying to get out of bed two days after falling out of the moving coach

The father of a boy who fell from a coach on a motorway said he "melted inside" when he saw his son lying on the road.

The 13-year-old, who cannot be named, was travelling with his rugby team when he fell out of the emergency back door onto the M49 near Bristol.

Driver Tudor West and coach owner Keith Jones, both of Bridgend, have been found guilty of dangerous driving.

The man welcomed the verdict and said he is considering civil action.

He said: "One of the parents shouted down the bus that one of the children had fallen out. I went to the back of the bus to have a look who it was and I soon found out it was my boy.

"I saw him a couple of hundred yards up the road with blood all over him. He appeared to be unconscious, so I jumped out of the fire exit myself and ran up the motorway to try and deal with him.

"I took hold of his head because I suspected spinal trauma and he had signs of going into shock.

"My daughter was screaming and my wife was crying because we thought, the mess he was in, that he wasn't going to survive."

Image caption The boy fell from the emergency rear door of the coach onto the M49

Paramedics soon arrived and he was taken to hospital where he spent the next two days. He suffered a broken wrist in the fall.

His father said that while he was trying to keep others calm at the roadside, "inside, I was turning inside out. I couldn't cope with it".

He said he also hoped his son would get some damages for what he went through.

"I think he deserves something because he went through all the trauma and the pain and everything else, to cheer him up and get rid of the experience."

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