South East Wales

Monmouth excavation discovers 'New Stone Age logboat'

Steve Clark next to the remains on a table Image copyright Steve Clark

Archaeologists believe they have found a logboat dating back to the New Stone Age in Monmouthshire.

Work on a housing development on Wonastow Road, near Monmouth, was halted when the remains were uncovered.

The pieces of wood have been radiocarbon-dated to 3210BC and were uncovered on a site which is thought to have once been a lake.

The discovery was made three years after a Bronze Age boat building was found at a site one mile (1.6km) away.

Image copyright Steve Clark

Archaeologist Steve Clarke said: "As we had just discovered a rich Bronze Age settlement a few fields away we thought the remains would turn out to be Bronze Age.

"So it was a real surprise when the dates came back as being twice as old."

The five oak timbers have been partially burned, including a piece thought to be part of the boat's stern or bow and another part of the hull.

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