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Argoed inquest: Taser used three times in 30 seconds

Matthew Williams and Cerys Marie Yemm Image copyright Wales News Service
Image caption Cerys Yemm and Matthew Williams met about two weeks before the attack

A Taser gun was used three times in less than 30 seconds as police tried to apprehend a man who had killed a woman, an inquest has heard.

Matthew Williams was found attacking Cerys Yemm, 22, at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel, Argoed, on 6 November 2014.

Williams, 34, was Tasered by police who arrested him and he later died.

Gwent Coroner's Court in Newport also heard there were bites on Miss Yemm's body and cuts that could have been caused by a broken ceramic cereal bowl.

Michael Rees, a South Wales Police armourer, examined Tasers used by all officers involved in trying to arrest Williams.

He told the inquest only one had been used, it was partially covered in blood and had been activated four times during the incident.

It was used at 01:37:11 and then at 01:44:14, 01:44:28 and 01:44:41.

Forensic scientist Gillian O'Boyle examined the scene and said it contained 15 pieces of broken crockery that fitted together to form an almost complete cereal bowl.

Most of these had blood on them, with DNA analysis showing it belonged to Miss Yemm and Williams.

She concluded: "The pattern of the blood was as if the bowl had been used to hit an individual and had broken as part of this", but said she could not say who had been holding it.

There were also cuts in Miss Yemm's clothing, that could have been caused by a sharp-edged item, such as a ceramic piece, Ms O'Boyle added.

Forensic dentist Romina Carabott concluded that three bite marks on Miss Yemm's abdomen and another on her wrist were probably all caused by Williams.

Williams, released from prison two weeks before the incident, was found to have 12.2 grams of class B mephedrone, 9.9 grams of mephedrone mixed with monosodium glutamate and 1.02 grams of amphetamine sulphate mixed with caffeine.

'Sharp force trauma'

Forensic pathologist Dr Richard Jones, who carried out Miss Yemm's post mortem examination, told the inquest he found 24 areas of injury across her body with at least 89 separate injures.

Half of the injuries were to her head, and Dr Jones said the cause of death was given as "sharp force trauma to the face and neck".

He added that bite marks had no bearing on her death, nor did traces of amphetamines and cannabis in her body.

The inquest continues.

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