South East Wales

Boys rescued after 'boarding bags' at Penarth Pier

The rescue taking place Image copyright RNLI / Andy Berry
Image caption The boys were "wet and cold" when they were rescued off Penarth

Two boys were rescued off the Vale of Glamorgan coast after boarding construction bags they had found.

The pair, aged about 12, had pushed the bags out to sea off Penarth Pier on Sunday afternoon but found themselves in difficulty due to offshore winds.

Their friend realised they were in trouble and contacted the coastguard.

The RNLI said the pair were safe and well, but "wet and cold" and were taken back to the station to warm up and given drinks and chocolate.

A spokesman said: "The boys were lucky that their friends quickly called 999. With the offshore breeze the boys were quickly heading out to sea, and time in this rescue was absolutely critical.

"They had no life jackets available, and only thin summer clothes on.

"Had they been in the water for much longer, or drifted further the outcome could well have been more serious."

Image copyright RNLI / Andy Berry
Image caption The RNLI warned about the dangers of using "this type" of inflatable

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