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Usk pet parrot Robbie evades capture for three weeks

Robbie the on the rooftops in Usk after he escaped Image copyright John Davies
Image caption Attempts to capture Robbie have so far failed

A noisy pet parrot which has been ruffling feathers in a Monmouthshire town is still evading capture three weeks after he escaped from home.

Robbie has become something of a celebrity in Usk since flying the nest, with his loud squawks giving neighbours early morning wake-up calls.

People have tried to catch him but he cannot be coaxed down from the rooftops.

Now the council has appealed for a bird specialist to help return him home.

Robbie has taken up temporary residence between the rooftop of resident John Davies' home and the terrace of the town's Mad Platter bar, where he now has a cocktail named after him.

For the past three weeks the bird, which is green with red and yellow markings and a little bigger than a crow, has become neighbours' newest alarm clock - screeching loudly at 05:00 BST.

Despite a few early scuffles with the native wildlife, Mr Davies said Robbie was managing to fend off unwanted attention from other birds and was starting to "hold his own".

Image copyright John Davies
Image copyright John Davies
Image caption Robbie enjoys perching on chimney pots - well away from where anyone can reach him

Mr Davies said: "He's a character. The first time I heard him, I thought 'what the heck is that?' The noise is very loud, very shrill.

"It was annoying as hell. But he wasn't there on Sunday, I thought something bad had happened to him, but I was glad to see him back.

"He's always on the chimney pots. Somebody said the owners had been around and he just flies off. Maybe he's enjoying his adventure.

"It was a massive annoyance at first but now I am kind of attached to him. But I'd like to see him go home."

Monmouthshire council launched a bid to return him to his owners after he was seen out in the rain on Thursday night.

In an appeal on its Facebook page, the council wrote: "Parrot expert wanted to save Robbie the parrot... Robbie is a local celebrity who has escaped his home in Usk and is currently living on local buildings, he's totally beautiful, very noisy and has a cocktail in the Mad Platter named after him!

"It's time for him to be returned home - can you help please?"

Image copyright John Davies
Image caption Monmouthshire council launched a bid to get Robbie home after he was spotted in the rain on Thursday night

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