South East Wales

Dr Martin Rhisiart 'killed himself after ME diagnosis'

Martin Rhisiart

A university professor who acted as an economics adviser for the UK government killed himself after being diagnosed with ME, an inquest in Cardiff has heard.

Dr Martin Rhisiart, 43, a professor of strategy and innovation at the University of South Wales, was found dead at his home in June.

The well-known TV and radio pundit also had anxiety and depression.

The inquest heard he received the ME diagnosis weeks before his death.

ME, also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, is a long-term neurological condition that causes persistent fatigue.

In a written statement, his wife Elena Rhisiart, 44, said: "In the last few weeks of his life he suffered exhaustion.

"Martin's behaviour changed and he was having feelings of hopelessness. He didn't sleep for two weeks."

Coroner Philip Spinney said: "He worked long hours and suffered anxiety.

"We heard a few weeks prior to his death he had been diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis."

He recorded a conclusion of suicide.

Throughout his career, Dr Rhisiart worked on a ground-breaking piece of research for the UK Commission for Employment.

He was also a member of the Welsh Government's Innovation Advisory Council for Wales.