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Cardiff Foodbank receives 50-year-old Heinz soup donation

tinsDonated Image copyright Cardiff Foodbank
Image caption The soup (left) is the oldest in a range of items received by Cardiff Foodbank

A tin of Heinz kidney soup dating back nearly 50 years has been donated to Cardiff Foodbank.

At 10 old pennies (10d), the tin would have set you back just shy of one shilling, the equivalent of roughly 5 new pennies (5p).

The particular brand of soup was discontinued by Heinz more than 35 years ago and the price label indicates it was first sold before 1971.

Cardiff Foodbank said it was the oldest item it has ever received.

Helen Bull, from the food bank, said: "It will probably still be in date, that's the funny thing, but will I eat it? Absolutely not."

The kidney soup is not the only considerably out-of-date item the food bank has received.

A tin of carrots with a 13p label, a tin of corn from 1982 and some pasta from the 1970s have all been collected previously.

Ms Bull added: "People's hearts are in the right place. Unfortunately when they are clearing out cupboards they do not always check the dates."

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