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Abergavenny stroke survivor's wife in visa fight

Leah Waterman
Image caption Leah Waterman cares for her husband who has seizures

A stroke survivor who can barely speak and needs 24 hour help faces being the sole carer for his two children after his wife's visa was refused.

Simon Waterman is cared for by his wife Leah, from the Philippines, but she has been told to apply for the visa from outside the UK.

The couple, who live in Abergavenny, are appealing the decision.

The Home Office said it was considering Mrs Waterman's appeal and the new information she had provided.

Mr Waterman, 56, uses a wheelchair and has regular seizures after having a severe stroke in September 2015 when living in the Philippines.

After spending more than a month in hospital, Mr Waterman and his wife and children - now seven and 10, visited family in Monmouthshire in December 2015.

Shortly afterwards Mr Waterman developed seizures and the couple decided to stay near his family for support.

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Media captionLeah Waterman fears her family being separated

On the expiry of Mrs Waterman's visitor's visa in July 2016, she applied to remain in the country.

She said a solicitor told her she could make the application from the UK because the deterioration in her husband's health would be considered "exceptional circumstances".

But the Home Office rejected the application in August.

If Mrs Waterman's appeal is unsuccessful she will have to travel to the Philippines to apply for a new visa, either leaving her family or taking the children away from their father.

Mr Waterman, who can communicate with the help of an app, said he was "mad, sad and disappointed" with the decision.