Recycling plant to close in Cardiff amid safety concerns

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A recycling site is set to close in Cardiff amid health and safety fears over queuing traffic.

Household Waste Recycling Centre in Wedal Road will shut on Friday, 2 March.

Councillor Michael Michael said the facility was "not fit for purpose" and often created traffic problems due to its location.

Residents will have to take their waste to centres at Lamby Way and Bessemer Close.

The council said the decision to close the site was made in February 2014, when plans were made to open the 'super recycling' sites in the city.

Officials at the authority said Wedal Road HWRC had been plagued with problems for years, and concerns had also been raised by Natural Resources Wales about the impact of noise pollution on nearby homes.

Mr Michael said: "Wedal Road and Allensbank Road are the main access roads to Heath Hospital and residential properties are located next to the site.

"Often cars queue out onto the road causing an obstruction. This is a health and safety issue and isn't acceptable.

"I realise that residents in the north of the city use Wedal Road HWRC, but the alternative facilities are only a couple of miles away.

"People are probably waiting to access Wedal Road HWRC for longer than it takes to drive to Lamby Way or Bessemer Close anyway."