Cardiff venue apologises for 'neo-Nazi' Infernal War gig

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A popular music venue in Cardiff has apologised after inadvertently allowing an alleged "neo-Nazi" style band to play.

Polish band Infernal War played in front of a crowd of 300 people at The Globe on Tuesday.

The band are accused of having a "sick fascination with Nazi atrocities" and have had all remaining UK tour dates cancelled.

The venue said it only became aware of the allegations after the gig.

Infernal War declined to speak to BBC Wales.

media captionA spokeswoman from Hope Not Hate said it was "deeply worrying" the band had performed in Cardiff.

The band have previously described their music as "the soundtrack to genocide", have a song called "Black Legions of the SS" and their lead singer performs under the name "Herr Warcrimer".

A spokesman for The Globe said: "Unfortunately it's come to our attention that Infernal War, a touring support act on the Marduk show at The Globe earlier this week, are alleged to have links to, or share neo-Nazi and fascist beliefs.

"As a venue we pride ourselves on creating a safe space for artists, music lovers, our own staff and the general public to enjoy themselves free of such views.

"We can only apologise for not having done our due diligence on the band's history beforehand."

image captionThe Globe is a popular music venue in Cardiff

It has previously been reported that the band deny being part of a National Socialist Black Metal scene and their music is about "religion and history - nothing else".

Another concert, set to take place at Cathays Youth and Community Centre on 23 June, has also been cancelled over fears another band, Tumblr Girls, hold far right views.

Protestors say photographs shared by Tumblr Girls show one member appearing to have a swastika tattoo.

They also declined to speak to BBC Wales, but said on Facebook they were "not an alt-right band" and the gig was "not some far right Nuremberg Rally event to spread hate".

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