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Homeless man's Cardiff park death 'diabetes-related'

Aaron French-Wilcox Image copyright Family Photo
Image caption Aaron French-Wilcox was "extremely thin" due to his inability to control his diabetes, an inquest heard

A homeless man who died in a Cardiff Bay park had not been taking enough insulin to treat his diabetes, an inquest has found.

Aaron French-Willcox, 19, was found dead in the tent he had been living in at Hamadryad Park on 13 February.

The young father's "difficulties" managing his diabetes had led to a diabetic coma just a week earlier, the Pontypridd hearing was told.

A post-mortem examination revealed he had died from diabetic ketoacidosis.

Although very little alcohol or drugs were found in Mr French-Willcox's system, he had an addiction to several drugs including heroin, Spice and crack cocaine, the inquest heard.

Mr French-Willcox was known to the homeless charity and shelter Huggard, which told the inquest he had first accessed its services last year.

Image copyright Family Picture
Image caption Aaron French-Wilcox was a "happy-go-lucky child with lots of energy", his mother said

His doctor told the inquest that Mr French-Willcox had been admitted to hospital on "multiple occasions" for "complications" with his diabetes.

PC Thomas Job, who was called to the scene of his death, said in a statement that Mr French-Willcox was "extremely thin".

The coroner recorded the cause of death as "natural causes contributed to by self-neglect".

His mother, Rebecca Louise Ward, said in a statement: "He was a happy-go-lucky child with lots of energy."

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