South East Wales

Smoothhound shark washes up on Newton beach, Porthcawl

Smooth-hound shark washed up on beach Image copyright Bridgend Council
Image caption The smoothound shark was found on Newton beach, near Porthcawl

A shark has been found washed up on a beach in Wales.

The smoothhound shark was spotted on Newton beach, near Porthcawl, on Wednesday.

But Bridgend County Borough Council said it was "less of Jaws and more of Gums" as the species eats mainly molluscs, crustaceans and shellfish.

The shallow-water species is also known as the "gummy shark" and is not usually a risk to humans. The council has arranged for the shark to be removed.

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Last year a smoothhound shark was blamed for biting a surfer in south Devon.

Image copyright Jeff Rotman/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

Smoothhound sharks

  • Found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean from the British Isles to South Africa, and in the Mediterranean Sea, Madeira, and the Canary Islands
  • Although they can grow to two metres (6.5ft), their usual maximum size is 1.5m (5ft)
  • Smoothhounds frequent both inshore and offshore habitats, often over tidal flats, off estuary mouths and in shallow bays

Source: European Federation of Sea Angler

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