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Grounded Katherine Jenkins sings for troops on plane

media captionJenkins linked to the footage filmed by the British Forces Foundation, of which she is a patron, on You Tube via her Twitter account

Singer Katherine Jenkins held an impromptu carol concert for soldiers after her flight to entertain frontline troops in Afghanistan was grounded.

The Welsh performer was on a plane with singer James Blunt and comedian Kev Orkian for the Christmas trip.

But, after hours of delays, the flight was eventually cancelled.

The singer, from Neath, who entertained the 160 soldiers with a rendition of Silent Night, said she was "gutted" she could not get to Afghanistan.

Dubbed the forces' sweetheart, she has flown several times to entertain servicemen and women abroad, including at Christmas.

She is a patron on the British Forces Foundation which had organised the visit which was due to begin on Monday.

image captionThe singer performed an impromptu version of the carol Silent Night

Messaging via Twitter, she said: "Am so gutted - words can't describe how disappointed we all are.

"I'm so sorry, it was out of my hands. Will try again asap!"

She said the weather was to blame for the flight's cancellation.

The singer, who makes her acting debut in BBC Wales' Dr Who Christmas Special at 1800 GMT on Christmas Day, also linked to a video on You Tube of her performing on board the plane.

She wrote: "Right then, off to meet some of these lovely people on board to tell them how wonderful they are."

She also urged people to send their best wishes to the British forces in Afghanistan over Christmas.

British Forces Foundation chief executive Mark Cann said: "We are really sorry for those that we tried to reach and failed.

"As you can see from the video we were ready, waiting sat on the plane, but the delays were so great it went beyond making the trip viable."

He said the charity had been able to send a DVD of Christmas messages to those away from their families and loved ones.

"We are very proud of Katherine Jenkins, James Blunt and Kev Orkian who, through no fault of their own, were unable to get out to Afghanistan," he added.

"We wish everyone in the armed forces and their families a very safe Christmas."

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