Cat rescued from Haverfordwest roof stuck in crisp bag

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Cat with crisp bag on headImage source, RSPCA

A cat has been rescued after getting stuck on the roof of a Pembrokeshire house - with a crisp packet on his head.

The RSPCA's Rohan Barker was called to Greenhill Crescent, in Haverfordwest, after reports a ginger cat had been spotted on a roof in the rain.

The rescued cat was unharmed but "very scared" and seemed in good health.

Mr Barker said it was "very odd to see that a crisp packet was stuck on his head".

"He looked very wet as it was raining quite heavily," he added.

Mr Barker said there was a chance the cat was feral or unowned, but asked the owner, if there is one, to let the RSPCA know of his progress.