South West Wales

Raining in Pembrokeshire village, Eglwyswrw, for 81 days

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Media captionThe village is closing in on the record of 89 days of rain

A Pembrokeshire village has endured 81 consecutive days of rain, making it possibly the longest run of bad weather in Britain for 92 years.

But it would need to rain for another nine days if residents at Eglwyswrw, near Cardigan, wanted to beat a record 89 days set in Scotland in 1923.

Eglwyswrw farmer John Davies said it was a record villagers wished to avoid, as the rain had become "grinding".

And they might get that wish as forecasters said Saturday could be dry.

"We are still in the running, but, hopefully, it will be the last day," said Mr Davies, a Pembrokeshire councillor, on Friday.

"This is one record we don't want to be famous for.

"Man and animal don't take very well to endless rain and 81 days of it does leave its toll."

Image caption No raindrops in sight on Saturday's forecast

Sales of rain coats and boots have been doing well for shopkeeper Brian Llewelyn.

"It's an ill wind that brings no good at all," he said.

"You couldn't survive or get about without a good pair of wellington boots in the last two months."

He said the continued rain was "depressing" and had been negatively affecting other local businesses such as builders and farmers who have had to bring livestock indoors.

The Met Office does not keep official records for consecutive days of rain but its weather stations do record rain data.

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Media captionFarmer John Davies of Eglwyswrw has had to bring his sheep indoors: ''Endless (rain) every day... the ground totally saturated''

And the nearby automated Whitechurch station covering Eglwyswrw does show rain every day since 26 October, although some readings are as as low as 0.2mm.

The previous longest rain-stricken period was 89 days in a row on the Scottish island of Islay in 1923

A Met Office spokesman explained that the location of the village near Preseli Hills played its part in attracting rainfall.

And, coupled with the mild and wet weather setting records this winter, it means Eglwyswrw has had more than its fair share.

In Wales, December's rainfall for a single month was only surpassed once before - in November 1929.

Mr Davies said: "We are hardy bunch here in Eglwyswrw, and it takes more than a few showers to grind us down, but it has been, all jokes aside, quite grinding."

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