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Port Talbot photography exhibition captures life in town

Port Talbot: Exploring the Unexplored, Debasish Sharma Image copyright Debasish Sharma
Image caption Port Talbot: Exploring the Unexplored, by Debasish Sharma, who looks at tourism opportunities in the town

A photography exhibition has captured the lives of people living and working in Port Talbot following the announcement the town's steelworks could close.

In The Winds' Wakes features the work of 12 international photographers, known as the Port Talbot Photo Project.

They aim to raise awareness about how the "uncertain state" of Tata steelworks "affects the community".

The exhibition opens at Aberafan Shopping Centre on Thursday.

The photography project has documented the town's history, architecture, geography and social life over the past two months.

The exhibition includes a piece known as Bypassed by Nick St.Oegger, which explores the physical and psychological effects of the nearby M4 motorway.

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Media captionPhotographer Nick St.Oegger explains the inspiration behind his piece, Bypassed, at the exhibition
Image copyright Nick St.Oegger
Image caption Mr St.Oegger called the people of Port Talbot "resilient"

He said: "I think there's this resilience in the people of Port Talbot. They've survived, they've kept going despite the struggles that have been happening here, despite the situation with the steelworks and the economy.

"Just with the construction of the motorway as well, people were displaced from their homes to other parts of the town and other cities... but it was this attitude that they recognised it was a necessary sacrifice for progress.

"It really does say a lot about the people here."

The exhibition has been supported by Aberafan Shopping Centre, Port Talbot Civic Centre, and local councillors.

It is open until 11 October.

Image copyright Yves Salmon
Image caption Shifting sands, by Yves Salmon, pictures the scenic and changing Aberavon Beach
Image copyright Shun Wen Yu
Image caption 1/10,000,000 m³, by Shun Wen Yu, reflects the workers’ "powerless feelings" over the steelworks' future
Image copyright Laurène Becquart
Image caption I'll Be There (Now, In A Minute), by Laurene Becquart, looks at the life of Port Talbot’s teenagers

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