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Sex attacker Andrew Check left trainer pattern at scene

Andrew Check Image copyright Dyfed-Powys police

A man has been jailed after he left his trainer pattern in the home of a woman he sexually assaulted at knifepoint.

Andrew Check, 30, was jailed for 10 years on Monday after admitting two counts of assault by penetration.

Swansea Crown Court heard the imprint from his Fred Perry shoes at the house in the Tenby, Pembrokeshire, helped police trace him.

Check, of Tenby, must serve a further seven years on licence upon release.

Prosecutor Nicola Powel said the victim woke in the middle of the night to see Check stood over her.

He then held a knife to her throat as he assaulted her.

Det Adele Benjafield identified the tennis shoe pattern from a database of 38,000 images.

Police carrying out house-to-house inquiries visited Check's home and noticed he matched the physical description given to officers.

A pair of Fred Perry trainers were found at his home - they were not the ones worn in the attack, but were enough to make officers suspicious.

A search revealed the victim's DNA on a glove in Check's house.

In a video shown to court, the victim said: "I suffer with nightmares, anxiety, and panic attacks and I am unable to sleep. I don't know how and when I will recover my life again."

Judge Keith Thomas said: "Such an offence rightly frightens and horrifies people in equal measure.

"He carried out the attack in a callous and determined way. The rape sent shockwaves throughout the community. "

After the case, Dyfed-Powys Police Det Benjafield said: "The evidential value of footwear is becoming more recognised.

"It's value is on a par with fingerprints and DNA samples and scans of footwear are routinely taken of people who come through our custody suites."

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