World weekly quiz

World weekly quiz

It's the World News 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz - a chance to find out how much global news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

President Obama hosted UK PM David Cameron, and the words "truly special" were mentioned at a news conference: What did they describe?

Obama, Cameron
  1. The artwork gift Mr Obama was given
  2. US-UK ties?
  3. US beer Mr Obama had given Mr Cameron

2.) Multiple Choice Question

Social network giant Facebook has registered its 500 millionth member. If all Facebook users were to be set up a single country, it would be the world's third most populous. Which one would it displace?

  1. Brazil
  2. Indonesia
  3. The US

3.) Multiple Choice Question

India and Pakistan have agreed to tone down ceremonies their guards hold daily at their Wagah border point. What gestures are they abandoning?

India-Pakistan ceremony
  1. The slamming of border gates?
  2. The clenched fist with the thumb not revealed?
  3. Raising the leg higher than the opponent's nose?

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Police in southern Russia are investigating allegations of animal cruelty after a donkey was made to parasail as part of an advertising stunt. What were the organisers advertising?

  1. The latest blend of vodka?
  2. A holiday resort?
  3. Surfing and paragliding lessons?

5.) Multiple Choice Question

Sarah Palin raised linguists' eyebrows this weekend when she urged Muslims to "refudiate" plans for a controversial mosque? She meant to say "refute" - what does it mean?

Sarah Palin
  1. To disprove
  2. To review
  3. To reject or spurn

6.) Multiple Choice Question

In Romania, officials have exhumed the alleged remains of the former leader, Nicolae Ceausescu, and his wife. Why did they do this this?

Ceausescu grave
  1. To resolve a mystery about their burial place.
  2. To settle a paternity claim?
  3. To give them a state reburial?

7.) Multiple Choice Question

R136a1 is a new monster star - the most massive ever found. Which of the following statements about the star is NOT true?

monster star
  1. It is ten times smaller than the sun
  2. It is hundreds of times heavier than the sun
  3. It is millions of times brighter than the sun


  1. It's the relations between the two countries. President Obama described US-British ties as "truly special". Mr Cameron gave the US leader a painting - Twenty First Century City, by Ben Eine - said to be one of his wife Samantha's favourite artists. And Mr Cameron joked that the Goose Island 312 beer - which Mr Obama gave him before the World Cup - "was obviously very effective" because he had ended up cheering on Germany against Argentina while drinking it.
  2. It's the US. With more than 309 million people, the US is the third most populous country in the world, following China and India.
  3. It's the fist and thumb. Eevery day at sunset, guards from India's Border Security Force (BSF) and Pakistan Rangers high-kick, stamp, speed march and bawl their way through a choreographed routine. But following an Indian request to water down the belligerent tone, Pakistan decided to reciprocate. "But we will only change the 'fist gesture'. No thumb would be shown and aggressive looks will be replaced with a proper handshake and a smile," a spokesman of Pakistan Rangers, Nadim Raza told the BBC.
  4. It's the resort. The donkey was sent up into the sky by entrepreneurs hoping to attract people to their private beach, on the Sea of Azov in the Krasnodar region. Animal rights activists complained of cruelty.
  5. It's to disprove, according to the BBC News website's styleguide. The error came in a tweet criticisng plans for a mosque at Ground Zero in New York. She later likened herself to William Shakespeare - and George W Bush.
  6. It's the mystery about their burial place. Nicolae Ceausescu ruled Romania from 1965 until he was toppled in the 1989 revolution.He was caught and executed with his wife after the couple tried to flee. But the whereabouts of the corpses has been described as one of the great unsolved mysteries of the Romanian revolution. It is believed the bodies were hastily buried in an unmarked grave in the military cemetery. The exhumation follows a request from Ceausescu's family, who have questioned whether the couple were really buried in the Ghencea cemetery in Bucharest.
  7. The star is not ten times smaller than the sun but quite a lot bigger. The star is seen to have a mass about 265 times that of our own Sun, and it may have a radius 30 times longer than the Sun's.

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3 - 5 : Star

6 - 7 : Monster star