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It's the World News 7 days 7 questions weekly quiz - a chance to find out how much global news from the past week you've read, heard and watched... and how much has stayed lodged in the old grey matter.


1.) Multiple Choice Question

Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni made a brief visit to the Taj Mahal during an official trip to India. Mrs Sarkozy revealed to a religious official that there is something she prays for. What?

  1. World peace
  2. Artistic inspiration
  3. A son

2.) Multiple Choice Question

A printing error has rendered more than one billion US $100 notes unusable but they have not been destroyed. Why not?

new notes
  1. The technology to sort good notes from bad does not exist
  2. They are being kept for a financial emergency
  3. The US congress has not yet given permission

3.) Multiple Choice Question

One of these countries stuck to a decision to boycott the Nobel Peace prize ceremony, while the other two changed their minds. Which one stayed away?

  1. Ukraine
  2. Serbia
  3. Kazakhstan

4.) Multiple Choice Question

Meanwhile, an alternative peace prize has been awarded in Beijing. Former Taiwanese vice-president Lien Chan won it for helping to improve relations between Taiwan and China. Who was the award named after?

  1. Chinese revolutionary Sun yat-sen
  2. Mao Zedong
  3. Confucius

5.) Multiple Choice Question

A group of hackers that has carried out a spate of cyber-attacks against companies they see as anti-Wikileaks is known as...

  1. Dissemin8
  2. Chan4
  3. Masters of Deception
  4. Anonymous

6.) Multiple Choice Question

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Poland's prison service violated a prisoner's human rights by not allowing him to what?

  1. Smoke
  2. Pray
  3. Follow a special diet

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Russia has unveiled a memorial plaque to the double agent Kim Philby at the HQ of the Foreign Intelligence Service. Which god is he depicted as?

  1. Janus, with faces looking in opposite directions
  2. Hermes, the messenger with winged shoes
  3. Apollo, associated with light and truth, among other things


  1. A son. According to reports, the couple had a private audience with Muslim cleric Peerzada Rais Mian Chishti, the shrine's guardian. He was quoted as saying that "Begum Sarkozy" was an "extremely family-orientated lady" and revealed how she had told him she was praying for a son.
  2. It's the technology. Officials said it would take between 20 and 30 years to sort the faulty notes from the correctly printed ones by hand. A machine that can do the job is being designed, and the process is expected to be completed in 2012.
  3. It's Kazakhstan. Both Ukraine and Serbia had originally intended to boycott the ceremony, in order to avoid offending China. Serbia came under pressure from the European Union to reverse its decision, and decided at the last minute to send its ombudsman. Human Rights minister Svetozar Cipic said this would be more acceptable to China than sending an official diplomatic representative.
  4. It's Confucius, the Chinese thinker and social philosopher. China has described the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the jailed pro-democracy and human rights campaigner Liu Xiaobo as an "obscenity".
  5. It's Anonymous. A member of the group calling himself Coldblood told the BBC that "thousands" of people had joined what he described as a "war of data". Coldblood is not an official spokesperson for Anonymous.
  6. It's follow a special diet. Janusz Jakobski, who is serving eight years for rape, says he is a Buddhist and follows rules about not eating meat. The prisoner said his requests for vegetarian meals had been denied.
  7. In a statement, the Foreign Intelligence Service described Philby as a "legendary agent and anti-Fascist, who made a vast contribution to protecting the security of our country".

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0 - 3 : Agent

4 - 5 : Double agent

6 - 7 : Triple agent

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