London 2012 inspires Rio 2016

Signs for Rio 2016 at Stratford Train Station, England
Image caption As the Olympics leave London signs are put up to point people towards the next Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016

The post Olympic blues may have already set in following the end of London 2012 but talk of Rio 2016 has already begun, four years ahead of the next Games.

On the morning after the closing ceremony of London 2012 #nolympics was trending in the UK on the social media site, Twitter with people sharing their ideas on how to beat Olympic withdrawal symptoms.

However, all is not lost as many people look to the next host city - Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil to get them through the next four years.

Brazilians around the world react to the London Games and share their thoughts on what the world can expect from Brazil in the next Olympics.

Filipe Quintans, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Image caption Rio's mix of cultures, music and dance was celebrated in the London 2012 closing ceremony

I think the London 2012 Olympics were a fantastic celebration of the human race and every little aspect of it.

I watched as much as I could - most of the collective sports finals, 100 and 200m finals, gymnastics and swimming. I followed some of the tennis matches, judo and handball too.

I hope Rio 2016 captures the celebration aspect of the Games - a human one, of challenge, struggle and perseverance, not as a kind of sports-political arena.

The city of Rio has been almost reconstructed (in terms of sports venues) and the political moves for that to come to life were no less than questionable.

I think the rest of the world could expect a different kind of Olympics in Rio. Brazilians are naturally outspoken and funny, which will bring a little colour to the press and TV coverage.

In terms of organisation, I think all of us, locals or not - should be worried but then again, everyone was like that in London, Beijing and Athens.

Aline Brasil, from Curitiba in Brazil, living in London

Image caption Aline Brasil: "I hope Brazil can do as well as Team GB in Rio 2016"

I loved the London Olympics, being from Brazil but living in London I got to see my country play in many events.

I watched Brazil and Korea in the football semi final, I went to Earl's Court to see the women's volleyball - Brazil versus Serbia and against Japan, I also saw handball at the Olympic Park.

It was very hard to get tickets and before the Games started everyone was saying the tube will be a nightmare and London busy - I almost went on holiday to avoid it but then I got so involved.

Being in London was great - seeing so many people and tourists supporting their countries. One day I saw an Australian girl who was literally only wearing an Australian flag!

After seeing many events at the London Games I'm excited about Rio and will go there too - that means I will get to see two Olympics in my life time.

People in Brazil are happy about the games and the World Cup coming to Rio.

There are concerns - Brazilians are worried that Rio's venues will not be built on time - but there were worries like this in London and it turned out great.

I hope Brazil can do as well as Team GB in Rio 2016. Brazilian athletes will need support from the government, private companies and the media - which currently covers mainly football and neglects other sports. Let's see if my country can make this next step.

Hamilton Carvalho, from Natal in Brazil, living in Denmark

Image caption Hamilton Carvalho: "It felt like everybody was a part of London 2012, no matter where you came from"

I am a Brazilian, currently living in Copenhagen in Denmark. I watched the Olympics cheering on Brazil and Denmark, as well as Jamaica as I am a fan of Usain Bolt and I love the athletics. I also closely watched the swimming and football.

I was particularly proud of the Brazilian volleyball team, they are very well organised and are a great team that work well together, they have been preparing for this moment for years.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the London Games were a wonderful celebration of British music and fashion and everything that makes Britain great.

It felt like everybody was a part of London 2012, no matter where you came from or who you were - even tourists from outside the UK were waving Union Jack flags.

Everyone came to Copenhagen when it was announced that Rio had won the 2016 Games. I was watching the result on a big screen and jumped up and down cheering.

I was also lucky enough to go to the main after party here to celebrate our success as I have a few sporting friends who play soccer and basketball.

Brazil is so excited about Rio 2016. Although there is a worry about whether everything will be finished on time. People will have to move to make room for venues and extra transport facilities and I know that this is affecting people in Rio.

There is also talk of whether these big venues will be used after the games, as no-one wants them to be wasted.

While London 2012 was the Olympics of diversity - Rio 2016 will be the Games of street celebrations, they will be full of happiness and offer a big welcome to the rest of the world.

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The mayor of Rio de Janeiro intends to demolish the Autodromo Nelson Piquet (the International Speedway, which hosted F1 Grand Prix) so the land can be used for construction for the Games. But is it fair to demolish something of such importance to promote 15 days of Olympic Games? Pedro, Rio de Janeiro

I live in Brazil but not in Rio - having said that I am still very excited about the 2016 Games. Evandro Nunes de Oliveira, Sao Paulo

I thought London 2012 was nice, although Beijing made me more excited. It didn't really inspire me for Rio, because we Brazilians are not competent and we are not ready to receive such an event. Many share an embarrassment about it. Igor, Rio de Janeiro

By Lorna Hankin

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