Living with disability: Stories from around the world

People with disabilities

The experiences of disabled people differ around the world depending on a country's political status, local culture, available money and resources.

Being disabled in the UK brings with it high expectations. From financial support if you are unable to work, through to laws which ensure new buildings, transport and services are accessible. On the whole it works but disabled people here are often reminded how good we've got it in this country when they complain.

One thing disabled people around the world agree on is that access and attitude are key to that important goal of being able to live independently. So reporters from four of the BBC's language services have been out looking for stories that go beyond those often over-milked tales of inspiration or woe to find out how people are living their lives and under what circumstances.

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Iaroslav Semenenko, Ukraine

Nguyen Phuong Anh, Vietnam

Saul Macyszyn, Argentina

Divya Arora, India

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