Join BBC News on Line

BBC News on Line

BBC News is now available on the Line instant messaging platform.

Line users can subscribe to the account by searching for @BBCNews in the 'friends' search tab. If you're viewing this page on a mobile browser, you can go to the account from this link.

Users in the following countries and territories will also be able to find the account in the Official Accounts tab:

US, Australia, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, India, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong.

Line subscribers will receive twice-daily push alerts of the latest news in English, via text, images, short video clips, and audio. They will also be able to find more content via the account's Home tab.

Using Line is the latest in a series of editorial pilots from BBC News using a variety of instant message apps. Earlier this year, WhatsApp, BBM, WeChat and Mxit were used during the elections in India and South Africa and for coverage of major stories in Nigeria.

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