Fifa crisis: Football fans' reaction

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As members of football's governing body, Fifa, vote for their new president, the organisation remains mired in crisis following the launch of joint criminal investigations earlier this week.

On Wednesday, 14 people were charged by US authorities for racketeering, fraud and money laundering. Seven of them were top Fifa officials.

Fifa's president Sepp Blatter, who is not among those charged, has been under pressure to resign. He is seeking a fifth term as president, although is being challenged by Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan.

The second investigation was launched by Swiss authorities and will look into the bidding processes related to the hosting of the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022.

Football fans from Qatar and Russia gave us their reaction.

Fans' views on BBC News Facebook

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Elena Selezinka, Moscow, Russia

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Leonid Fedyakov, Russia

Fans' views from BBC Russian and BBC Arabic Facebook

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Alexander Volynsky: Doubtless, considering new circumstances, decision about hosts of World Cups should be reviewed. Look how Russian bureaucrats started running about like mad, seems like they have reasons to worry.

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Sergey Borzov: Now 2018 World Cup in Russia could be cancelled. Next time they will know how to behave.

Tweets to @BBCRussian

FilatoF ‏@filat61 tweets: It should be noted that this international scandal was initiated by the US right before elections of Fifa head. Interesting to know why?

Татьяна Чернова @chernova_57 tweets: So many years they were not noticing corruption among themselves. It had to be 2018 WC in Russia for them to notice it.

Tweets to @BBCArabic

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Tahani alhajritweets: I'm from Qatar, and Qatar deserves to host the World Cup. It has made a strong bid to host it, so it doesn't need to bribe anyone.

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@Optimistic_eye tweets: It won't affect it because the independent investigation has cleared the Qatari bid of any wrongdoing. As a Qatari citizen, I believe our bid is strong.

@q6rtweets: I'm from Qatar and at the start, I was unsure about Qatar hosting the World Cup due to the potential negative effect that hosting might have on my country, but our government has proved that it can deal with any obstacle it faces.

Other comments

Patrick Costigan in Moscow emails: Sepp Blatter has presided over Fifa for 17 years and no financial transparency during all that time. It's time Fifa was sorted out and time for this greedy man to go.

Anon, an English expat in Doha emails: As these investigations unfold and increase in their intensity, I believe that even Blatter will be implicated. He had to know what was going on within the top echelons of Fifa. He is therefore either implicated or not doing his job properly.

Kenneth Udemgba, a Nigerian living in Qatar writes via Whatsapp: Fifa president Sepp Blatter should step down. I am really disappointed by what is happening in Fifa. However, Qatar should host the 2022 World Cup. It's a beautiful and peaceful country.

Sheeroh in Qatar emails: I think Blatter should stay, that is democracy. Rotate the game and stop the bidding that is how you end corruption. All those corporations pointing fingers should first admit they exploit poor countries.

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