Most watched BBC News Facebook videos of 2015

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Most watched BBC News Facebook videos of 2015

More than 26 million people like the BBC News Facebook page.

Here is a selection of the most watched videos of 2015 from the Paris attacks to the migrant crisis, all viewed millions of times:

Paris attacks

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Antoine Leiris: "Responding with anger would be to give in to the same ignorance that has made you what you are"

One hundred and thirty people were killed in terror attacks in Paris in November.

Helene Leiris was one of the victims.

Her husband's Facebook tribute and message to her killers is the most watched video on the BBC News Facebook page with over 70 million views to date.

Nepal earthquake

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A tourist captured the moment ancient temples in the town of Bhaktapur collapsed

Two powerful earthquakes rocked Nepal in April and May, killing an estimated 9,000 people.

Video filmed by a tourist captured the moment the first quake hit.

The video was widely shared and watched over six million times.

Migrant crisis

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There were cheers from the many Germans who had gathered at the station

The number of migrants and refugees illegally crossing into Europe by land and sea passed one million on 22 December 2015, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Not all were greeted with applause like these people, mostly from Syria, who arrived at Munich train station in September 2015.

Over 22 million of you watched this video.

Sepp Blatter gets money thrown at him

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UK prankster Simon Brodkin was behind the protest at the news conference

2015 hasn't been a good year for Sepp Blatter.

In July millions of you viewed this video of UK comedian Simon Brodkin throwing money over Sepp during a Fifa news conference.

While in December he was banned from all football-related activities following an ethics investigation. He is appealing against the ban.

Shark attack

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Surfer Mick Fanning: "I punched the shark in the back"

Australian Mick Fanning had a lucky escape in July.

During a surfing competition in South Africa, which was being shown on live TV, he was attacked by a shark.

He made it back to shore unhurt.

The dress

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Is it white and gold? Or is it black and blue? David Sillito explains

Everyone was talking about #TheDress in February.

We're still debating it's colour in the office... clearly it is black and blue, but apparently some people disagree?!

Otto the skateboarding dog

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Otto broke the Guinness World Record for skateboarding through the "longest human tunnel" in Lima, Peru

And finally every year world records are made and broken but in 2015 you seemed to like this one the most.

The Facebook video of Otto the skateboarding dog has been viewed over 58 million times.

With those viewing figures, imagine what he could do in 2016.

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