In pictures: Easter celebrated around the world


Striking ceremonies have been taking place around the world as most Christian Churches mark Easter.

Jesus was resurrected on Easter Sunday, the Bible says, after dying on the cross on Good Friday, and it is traditional for many to attend services on Saturday evening.

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image captionWorshippers lit candles at a midnight Easter Vigil Mass in Secunderabad, India.
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image captionMembers of the Legio Maria held a vigil at their church in Nairobi, Kenya. Legio Maria is an African religious movement predominantly made up of Kenya's Luo people, who believe Jesus was reincarnated as a black man.
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image captionPope Francis led the Easter Vigil Mass at Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City
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image captionPeople lit candles and kept vigil at the graves of loved ones during a service in Herasti, Romania.
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image captionPalestinian Christians took part in a ceremony at Der Al-Latin Church in Gaza City.
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image captionWorshippers held candles at a service in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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