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    Video caption: Shirley Chisholm: The first black woman to run for US president

    After becoming the first black woman elected to Congress, Shirley Chisholm declared her intention to run for the US presidency in 1972.

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    Video caption: Afghanistan: Taliban say video of woman pleading for help is fake

    A Taliban official dismisses a video of a woman crying for help before going missing in Kabul.

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    Video caption: Football Focus: Female fans - 'Football should not be denied to any of us'

    Kelly Somers chairs a discussion with female fans about their matchday experiences, the dismissive attitudes they often encounter and the need for more allyship in football

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    Video caption: Can this app help to keep women safe on the streets?

    A new safety app has been developed by a team of volunteers with experience of abuse and violence.

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    Video caption: Ashling Murphy: Hundreds attend vigil for woman killed while out running

    "She was so young and she had so much to live for," said one woman attending the vigil.

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    Video caption: Should misogyny be a hate crime?

    It is hard to find women who have not faced inappropriate male behaviour, Baroness Kennedy says.

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    Video caption: Rescue horses used as therapy animals to support women

    A project working with rescue horses has been improving the physical and mental health of women.

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    Video caption: Kashmir's pashminas: bringing women back to lead a beautiful craft

    The emergence of weaving machinery, and decreasing wages, have forced many Kashmiri women out of the industry.