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    Video caption: Full-body suits: German team kit inspires other athletes

    British-Jamaican gymnast Danusia Francis believes athletes should have a choice when it comes to their competitive outfits.

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    Video caption: Brazil: Why are so many pregnant women dying from Covid?

    One in five women that died from coronavirus in Brazil didn't have access to an intensive care unit.

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    Video caption: Halima Aden and Tommy Hilfiger: ‘It’s not just about diverse catwalks’

    The world’s first hijab-wearing supermodel talks to fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger about why she quit the industry.

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    Video caption: Czech women seek compensation for coerced sterilisations

    Thousands of women were sterilised without their consent in former Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s.

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    Video caption: #MeToo in Egypt: Women speak out about harassment

    Nearly all Egyptian woman say they have faced harassment. Inspired by #MeToo, some are speaking out.