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1968 - the year that haunts hundreds of women

When Tran Thi Ngai was raped, she did not get justice, or even sympathy. Instead she ended up in prison.

Read her story.

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Women in sports: Changing the game

How many barriers do India's female athletes still have to break?
India has won 13 Olympic medals since the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and women account for five of them. In contrast, all 13 medals claimed by India pre-Sydney belong to men, signifying a change in paradigm in the nation's sporting landscape.

But several challenges remain. In a country with a skewed sex ratio, gender discrimination, and striking disparities in opportunities for boys versus girls, it has taken sheer grit and guts for many of our sportswomen to come out shining and force a mindset change.

Now, as the BBC launches its first-ever Indian Sportswoman of the Year award, WorklifeIndia asks how Indian women in sports can break barriers and change the game.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Anju Bobby George, former athlete and chairperson, Athletes’ Commission; Manisha Malhotra, former Olympic tennis player, head of sports excellence & scouting, JSW Sports; Vandana Vijay, TV editor, BBC Indian Languages