A peaceful vote: Your comments


In Kenya, voters have been travelling to polling stations across the country. The BBC News website has received over 200 e-mails from people in Kenya. Most say that the polling has been easy and peaceful.

People are voting in a referendum on whether a new constitution will be passed. The new constitution limits the powers of the president and sets up a commission to settle land disputes that fuelled violence in the past.

In December 2007, over 1,000 people were killed when violence broke out after a disputed election. The referendum was offered to end the violence.

Here are some of your comments to the BBC News website.

Kenyan voters' experiences: George, Nairobi

I just voted at the Holy Family Basilica polling station within the Nairobi CBD. It took me a record five minutes from the time I checked into the polling station to the time I was done with the ballot!

This is unbelievable compared to the long and winding queues witnessed in the last general election. I remember it took me well over four hours to vote in the same polling station in December 2007.

So far today's exercise was smooth and as I now sit and switch between the major television channels, I haven't seen any reported ugly incidents elsewhere across the country.

Politicians for and against the draft have had their say and now it's our turn to have the final say. We look forward to a better future for our country, Kenya.

Morgan, Nairobi

Yes, I will be voting in the referendum. This for me is a new dawn for our lovely country, Kenya.

Of great importance is the fact that after this vote, Kenya will become more united.

Each one of us, on either side, will know what we don't like and we at least have somewhere to start the next phase as we lead our lovely country to new horizons. We are a history, we are peace, we are Kenya!

Sash, Nairobi

Voting has so far gone smoothly.

It took us less than10 minutes to finish voting and there were no queues at my polling station.

We all hope for a peaceful process.