Senegal soldier sets himself on fire in Dakar

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This is the second time someone has set themselves on fire in front of President Wade's residence

A former soldier has set himself on fire in front of the official residence of Senegal's president, apparently as part of demands for compensation for military injuries.

Bocar Bocoum, 36, has been transferred to Senegal's military hospital, which is close to the presidency.

There has been no official comment on the case.

Local media report that he was part of a group of army veterans who staged a protest in the capital, Dakar.

"I saw a man who had a bottle in his hand and a lighter. He set himself on fire after pouring the contents of the bottle over his body and was evacuated to the hospital," the AFP news agency quotes a witness as saying.

Burn marks are visible on the pavement.

A veteran's spokesman said Mr Bocoum was not a member of their association and that their protest had been called off.

In 2008, another man set himself on fire in front of President Abdoulaye Wade's residence.

Keba Diop said the ruling party was refusing to pay him money he was owed. He later died of his injuries.

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