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Benin has a vibrant media landscape

With dozens of private and state-owned radio and TV stations and around 60 newspapers, Benin has one of the region's most diverse media scenes, says Reporters Without Borders.

Freedom House says that the press carries a range of views, but adds that most media "receive direct financial support from politicians and few are considered genuinely independent".

The organisation says that critical media risk being suspended. In 2018, publication of La Nouvelle Tribune was halted over content deemed offensive to the "private life of the head of state".

Radio is the main source of information, particularly in rural areas. Outlets broadcast in local languages and phone-in programmes are particularly popular.

The BBC World Service (101.7) and Radio France Internationale are available on FM in Cotonou.

There were 3.8 million internet users by the end of 2018, comprising 32% of the population ( Around 1.3 million people are active on social media and Facebook is the leading social platform with 1.2 million users (We Are Social, 2019).

Access to the internet and social media was cut during parliamentary elections in April 2019, according to online freedom organisation NetBlocks.

The press

  • Television Nationale - operated by state-run Office de Radiodiffusion et de Television du Benin (ORTB)
  • Canal 3 - private
  • Golfe TV - private
  • Carrefour TV