Misrata: City under siege

Misrata, the rebels' last stronghold in the west of Libya, has faced weeks of heavy bombardment by forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi. Hospital records show that more than 300 people have been killed and many more injured. Rebel estimates place the numbers far higher. Fighting has centred on the city's Tripoli St and many residents have attempted to flee via the port.



Two trucks filled with sand act as a barricade and mark the frontline on Tripoli Street.


The shops and offices that lined Tripoli Street have been destroyed in the fighting.

Tripoli Street

The rebels are fighting a guerilla war from street to street across the city centre, reports Caroline Hawley (18 April).

Photographers killed

As the hospitals struggle to cope with the injured, two photojournalists have been killed in the fighting (21 April)

Evacuees 2

Those who have failed to get on a boat attempt to leave the city by truck.

Evacuees 1

Foreign workers and Libyans are trying to leave the city by boat.

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