Equatorial Guinea profile - Media


Equatorial Guinea's media outlets are closely controlled by the government. There are few private publications.

It is impossible for the media to criticise the president and the security forces, says Reporters Without Borders.

Freedom House says almost all domestic news coverage is orchestrated or tightly controlled by the government. State media do not cover international news unless the president or senior officials go abroad.

The BBC (92.5) and Radio France Internationale broadcast on FM in Malabo. Satellite TV is widely available.

There were more than 181,000 internet users by 2016 (Internetlivestats.com).

The internet is the main medium for opposition views, says Freedom House.


  • Ebano - state-owned
  • La Opinion - private, weekly
  • La Nacion - private
  • La Gaceta - monthly
  • Television Nacional - state-run
  • Radio Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial - state-run
  • Radio Asonga - private, owned by president's son