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Radio is the most-popular medium. As well as domestic outlets, South African radio and TV stations can be received.

Commercial and private radios are on the air alongside state-run Radio Lesotho - the only national station. The sole TV station is state-run. BBC World Service broadcasts on 90.2 FM.

The government generally respects media freedom and the private press carries opposition views. But the threat of defamation suits has led to self-censorship, says US-based Freedom House.

Many media outlets rely heavily on government advertising.

There were 444,000 internet users by 2016 ( Internet access is limited by the lack of infrastructure as well as economic constraints, says Reporters Without Borders.

  • Public Eye - weekly, in English
  • Lesotho Times - weekly, in English
  • Sunday Express - weekly, in English
  • The Post - daily, in English