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Newspaper stand in BamakoImage source, Getty Images

Mali's jihadist insurgency and the military-led government have degraded media freedoms.

Militant groups threaten journalists and target media outlets. Pro-junta groups have demanded "patriotic journalism", leading to self-censorship.

Radio is the leading medium. There are hundreds of stations, operated by private and community broadcasters and by the state-run Office de Radiodiffusion-Television du Mali (ORTM). The BBC broadcasts in Bamako (88.9 FM).

The TV sector is much smaller.

Almost all daily and weekly newspapers publish from Bamako. Circulation figures are low. L'Essor is the leading title.

By December 2021, 60% of Malians had internet access ( The regime has not interfered with internet or social media access.

Social media use is concentrated in the cities and among young people. Facebook is the top platform.




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