Mauritius profile - Media

The constitution guarantees freedom of expression and of the press.

Television is the most popular medium. State-owned Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) radio and TV generally reflect government thinking. MBC is funded by advertising and a TV licence fee.

Daily newspapers and weeklies offer balanced coverage in several languages. They are often critical of both the government and the opposition parties. Two media groups - Le Mauricien Ltd and La Sentinelle Ltd - dominate the press scene.

BBC World Service is available via a mediumwave (AM) relay (1575 kHz). Radio France Internationale is relayed on FM.

There were 543,000 internet users by 2016(



  • MBC - state-run, operates three main channels and digital networks


  • MBC - state-run, broadcasting in English, French, Indian languages and Chinese; networks include RM1, RM2, Kool FM, Taal FM, One World FM
  • Top FM - private
  • Radio One - private
  • Radio Plus - private