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President: Edgar Lungu

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Edgar Lungu was sworn in as president in January 2015 after winning a narrow victory in an election called after the death of his predecessor Michael Sata.

He won just over 48% of the vote, compared with nearly 47% for the opposition candidate, Hakainde Hichilema. The election commission rejected opposition complaints of irregularities.

Mr Lungu, the former defence minister from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), took over the helm for the remainder of the late president Sata's term until a general election scheduled for September 2016.

At his swearing-in he told supporters: "I am very honoured that you have decided to make me your servant."

He has vowed to continue the policies of his predecessor, including a contentious mining tax regime.

Mr Lungu, who has a condition affecting his oesophagus, had surgery in South Africa in March 2015. He collapsed at an event in Lusaka the month before.

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