Zanzibar profile - Media

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Zanzibaris scan the papers at a newsstand in Stone TownImage source, Getty Images

The media in Zanzibar come under a different set of regulations to their counterparts in mainland Tanzania.

Reporting on the state-owned Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) tends to be pro-government, Freedom House said in 2016. There are around 20 privately-owned radio stations and a handful of private TV stations.

The government publishes the only daily newspaper and most readers rely on newspapers from the mainland.

The BBC broadcasts on FM in Zanzibar (94.1) and Pemba (93.5).

The press

  • Zanzibar Leo (Zanzibar Today) - state-run daily
  • Zanzibar Wiki Hii (Zanzibar This Week) - private, weekly
  • ZBC Radio - state-run, also operates Spice FM