Ebola outbreak: Liberia 'close to collapse' - ambassador

Katty Kay
Presenter, BBC World News
@KattyKayBBCon Twitter

media captionJeremiah Sulunteh pleaded for support from the international community

The Liberian ambassador in Washington fears his country could be close to collapse from the Ebola outbreak there.

Jeremiah Sulunteh is very frank about the stress this virus is placing on an already fragile nation. Even before this outbreak, Liberia's healthcare system was woefully inadequate.

After years of civil war there were just 50 doctors in the whole country - as the ambassador so poignantly puts it, that's one doctor for every 70,000 Liberians.

No wonder Liberia can't cope with an epidemic that would strain even the best-equipped country. Now, he says, all that his family and friends want to know, is when will this nightmare end.

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