Burkina Faso unrest: Bloggers celebrate Compaore's exit

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image captionCrowds celebrate in the capital, Ouagadougou

Social media users have celebrated the departure of Burkinabe President Blaise Compaore who stepped down on 31 October following four days of protests.

While a large number of commentators welcomed his resignation, some were concerned about the man who took over, General Honore Navere Traore. There were also comments in support of Mr Compaore.

'Over for him'

"We have won a historic victory," user @abdouzoure tweeted.

On Facebook, Alexandra K Samma wrote: "I found him in power when I was born, and thank God I am not going to die with him still there!"

"Democrat, 27 years in power, elected by illiterate people," Tisha Traore commented.

"I am convinced he resigned due to military pressure. Otherwise, why would he have asked for more time yesterday? Well it's over for him now."

But some also praised Mr Compaore for his resignation.

Aris Ecobank called him a hero: "I say loud and clear that Blaise did a lot for Burkina. I thank him for this heroic step that he has taken."

Rodel Denise agreed: "He gave people what they wanted. This should be appreciated. Let him go in peace and let's focus on the post-Blaise period. We need to rebuild what we have destroyed and plan the next election".

Compaore's man?

On Twitter, user @ocomar suggested Mr Compaore could contest the presidency again: "Now that he has resigned, nothing stops Compaore from running in the next elections."

Other social media users were unhappy that Gen Honore Traore had taken charge.

Twitter user @abdouk99 said Gen Traore was "another worry ".

@Bambyam shared the view: "Gen Honore Traore was Blaise Compaore's aide-de-camp. Too close to represent the break from the past."

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